Preparing your child with Autism for their Snowsports experience.

Skiing can be quite an overwhelming event for our participants with Autism. Not only will they experience a new and probably unique activity, but they may also experience a sensory overload wearing extra clothing, gloves, goggles and helmet.

Often times the participant will throw off their gloves, goggles or helmet.

These items are essential in protecting your child’s eyes and extremities. If your child removes any of these items, and we feel they are at risk, we may duct-tape or safety pin their gloves to their jacket and duct-tape the goggles to their helmet. This can be an aggravating experience for your child, sometimes ending the lesson.

You can prepare your child for their adaptive ski or snowboard lesson by practicing the following with them:

 wearing thick gloves

 wearing a winter helmet

 wearing goggles or sunglasses

 wearing a heavy coat

 walking around in ski boots if you have the opportunity

Practice these one at time. When your child gets comfortable with one piece of gear (gloves) try another (goggles or sunglasses). As they get comfortable with each piece of gear, start combining the gear.

Thank you for helping us make your child’s experience as fun as and comfortable as possible.